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The Holographic Universe

Is the universe really what it seems? Can the past the present and future all be unfloding in a eternal now? …. Evidence is now showing to support the holographic nature of the universe and how on the physical level everything is a fractal of the whole. This would implicate that we could very well be able to manipulate this holographic field of energy to heal ourselves and to realize the reality of our purpose.Very interesting interview you will find in this video where it challenges the ordinary and generally accepted view of reality.

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Shaman Treez – People Dyin

As creator of Treez of Knowledge I am also an Mc and I just finished production on a new music video called “People Dyin” off of my new mixtape HYDROPONIX where I explore the subjects of the war machine aka military industrial complex. Check out and share it the truth with your friends and family. In-joy

-Legalize Me
Shaman Treez

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Healing Yourself with Vibrations – C. Freeman El

In this exclusive and profound lecture given by elder C. Freeman El we explore the nature of vibration how it works and how to apply the laws of vibration with affirmation, mantra and meditation to expand consciousness, heal oneself, manifest … Continue reading

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Shaman Treez: Thoughts on 2012

Last segment I did was on the real new year this segment are some of my thoughts on what to expect this year in the 2012 cycle.

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Your Thoughts and Emotions Affect DNA: Nithyananda

In this discourse, Paramahamsa Nithyananda elaborately describes how human emotions and thoughts directly affect DNA and shows the Vedic science behind these modern scientific facts. Different diseases like diabetes, arthritis, chronic heart problems and blood pressure have been directly linked to human emotions by modern science. The same has however been described in great detail in ancient Vedic literature. Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes how having tiring desires leads to diabetes, fear creates blood pressure, guilt creates arthritis and so on. Nithyanand Spurana Program is all about removing these emotions from one’s biomemory. Inner Awakening ( is a further intense program that cleanses one’s biomemory of these strong emotions.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes other issues like depression which is prevalent in most people from different backgrounds. He describes depression gives oneself a feeling of psychological coziness.

He further adds when an individual’s biomemory is filled with such emotions, it leads to ageing and removal of these emotions from the biomemory is the technique for anti-ageing. This Vedic truth is supported now by the scientific studies which show that the DNA compresses or curls when it is exposed to emotions like fear, frustration and anger. When the same DNA is exposed to love and peace, it elongates or relaxes.

He also explains when an incarnation (avatar) hugs or gives initiation to someone with a touch, he is actually transferring the biomemory (which has all the 12 strands of DNA awakened) to the individual.

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