Vision Quest Package: $125.00:

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Everything is included: Food, water, camp space, workshops, medicine etc.


Reserve Your Spot NOW and pay later with a $30 deposit: paypal-buttonWe have a limit of 20 participants so make sure you make a deposit or pay in full to guarantee your spot or else risk being put on a waiting list. The deposit is fully refundable if you choose to opt out.

For more information click the link to download the Information packet with all the details >>> 2016 Retreat Information Packet

At certain times of the year Treez of Knowledge organizes special Retreats for shamanic vision quests aimed at taking one to the next level of their path. The next one coming up is based around the theme of mental transmutation or the art of psychological change. In order for us to go to the next level we must transform our minds. On top of that understanding the universal laws and principles a basic truth is that the universe is mind and once we assimilate this truth there is no limit to what we can do and create. This retreat will help you on the path of mastering the mind and the art of transmutation.

The retreats are held on a private 100 acre nature preserve in the Central Florida area (30min North of Orlando, FL). We provide the ideal environment and setting for this sacred experience. If you are seeking to reclaim control of the mind, and to heal the mental and emotional imbalances that leave one limited, or if you just earnestly want to enhance your life by investing in your personal development then, this retreat is for you.

The vision quest combines shamanic ceremonies and sacred fungi medicine to put you in the altered state of consciousness needed to make these powerful mental and spiritual breakthroughs that we are searching for. In addition the retreat features workshops and classes conducted by certified teachers and shamans aimed to balance you on a physical, mental and spiritual level to allow for greater levels of activation, healing, and to prime the body for the energetic demand of the vision quest.

We limit the size of each retreat to twenty participants to ensure that our teachers can help you on an individual basis and give you the hands on training that will allow you to go home with the confidence to begin practicing these different disciplines on your own if you choose to do so. By the end of the retreat you should have the knowledge and experience that will enable you to go to the next level of your journey.

We here at Treez of Knowledge are excited to help you on your quest so that you can continue to level up to greater levels of experience and to help serve the world at higher capacities!
For more information on the retreat there is an information packet below. And for questions please email

“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite.”
― William Blake


4 Responses to RETREATS

  1. t golds says:

    A beautiful site keep up the good work for getting out the information out here in the ethers!!!

  2. Samantha Alexander says:

    This sounds like an amazing event. Is there a possibility of attending for one day? If not, I look forward to attending some time in the future.

  3. Mary Beth says:

    Really going to try to go this year. I need it.

  4. Chris williams says:

    Hello there , Chris Williams here . I just wanted to ask a few questions if possible , this event sounds amazing and I can’t wait . But I heard there will be no bathrooms or portastalls ? Also wanted to ask if there’s anything we should bring ? Plus I already paid for my reservation , but need to pay the $95 but it’s only giving me the option to pay for a reservation or pay the full $125

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