Special Papers

On this page you will find documents in pdf form that will help on your path of being more knowledgeable about the world you live in; expanding the self awareness on you and your environment.


The Kybalion

Genetically Modified Foods Guide

National Defense  Authorization Act (Martial Law)

The Green Book

The Art of War

The Secret Teachings of All the Ages

Tao Te Ching

Behold a Pale White Horse

Tales from the Time Loop

Think and Grow Rich

The Lost Keys of Freemasonry

Megiddo Report

Patriot Act

5 Responses to Special Papers

  1. Courtney says:


    I’ve been exploring your site since you mentioned it on Family Gang Radio a few weeks ago… I just started trying to make sense of the Patriot Act and I couldn’t believe what I was reading under TITLE III—INTERNATIONAL MONEY

    They basically outline the current financial crisis facing our globe… and they printed it in black and white for all to see…admitting that the system was flawed especially in cases where foreign countries were involved….and yet the strains they have placed on the American people / 99% go unnoticed as acts of terrorism.

    Definition of Terrorism: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion
    Definition of terror : a state of intense fear ; a cause of anxiety
    (***I used to fear not being able to pay my bills, hence working 3 jobs through school to get a degree that costs me more than it’s worth***)

    Now (here within the last 2 years) what causes me fear and great anxiety… the realization that I’m a spoke in this wheel of corruption…the fact that I’m feeding the machine with my nine to five… the fact that so many more people aren’t aware or just don’t give a fuck…and this will never cease for generations to come….

    Short of sitting on the lawn in front of a government building, what’s a girl to do?

    • gmtreez says:


      First of I would like to thank you for your feedback which motivates me in continuing my work in educating our brothers and sisters. As far as what you should do I first recommend that you should let go of any fear or anxiety which actually drains your power and weakens your will to act with your highest senses. Eliminate all fears from your mind and the anxiety from your life and you will already be ahead of the pack as you will be truly free to transform the world around you according to your soul’s desire which has its roots in love. By doing this you will be instilling your courage and fearlessness into other people to help awaken in them the dormant reality that they too can be free.
      We as human beings especially here living in America are all spokes in the wheel of corruption and we as a people have all in one form or another supported the oppression and tyranny through our dependency on the system and unbalanced lifestyle choices but this is usually due to our ignorance of the scope of the situation but with the proper knowledge we can start taking the steps to becoming more independent and conscious so we have the individual power to take ourselves out of the wheel.
      Having a 9-5 or working for an organization, company, or corporation even one that happens to be oppressing our brothers and sisters is nothing to be ashamed of or have guilt over as your intention (as with other people in your situation) is to earn a wage, yet you being aware now should awaken your senses to the reality that you must change your life so you can either change the organization from within (which is usually futile and not energy efficient) or you can change your life situation for the better by taking the steps to leave your job and start making a living doing something that is more aligned with your soul’s purpose (which once your awake never entails working as a 9-5 slave) which in my opinion will have a bigger positive impact on your external environment. Also from reading your comment it seems to me that you are too intelligent and talented to be working FOR someone else. Don’t buy into the illusion that you have to work somewhere you don’t want to because you have to pay the bills this is what keeps people trapped in the first place and makes us forget that we create our own opportunities in life and not someone else. We live in a universe of infinite possibilities so never settle but create create create through ideas and intention because you are one with the universe and the universe and all the ancestors are backing you 100 percent of the way. It takes discipline and dedication but being independent is the most rewarding thing you can do.
      “the fact that so many more people aren’t aware or just don’t give a fuck…and this will never cease for generations to come…. ”
      Don’t concern yourself with what other people are doing or what future generations to come will experience because this is your mind distracting you from what you really should be doing. In the wise words of Kahlil Gibran “One just man causes the Devil greater affliction than a million blind believers.”
      Since the dawn of human civilization we have had monarchs, dictators, and other oppressive elements that tried to control people and they only succeeded by putting people in a state of fear. But no matter how big an empire gets it cannot oppress a mind that is free.
      As far as money and resources are concerned I have to once again quote Mr. Gibran
      “Learning is the only wealth tyrants cannot despoil…. The true wealth of a nation lies not in its gold or silver but in its learning, wisdom, and in the uprightness of its people”

      Listen to your intuition so that you may be able to spread YOUR truth (not my truth or anyone else’s) to the people around you and spread YOUR love wherever you go to remind people of the love they have inside for themselves. By spreading love and truth you shine a light that heals the planet and the people and in the process you are assisting in the raising of consciousness of your fellow man which will have more of an impact than any violent revolution or occupy movement. Oppression, fear, terrorism and war cannot sustain itself in an environment of pure love 🙂

      • Courtney says:

        Thank you for reminding me of that which I know to be true… you just made my soul smile 🙂 Your encouragement and knowledge has reignited a fire that had grown dim and that is a light I hope to perpetuate and share with others as I continue my life’s transformation.

  2. Yulissa Arce says:

    @Treez – Thank you for including GMO’S and food regulations. I’ve been doing some research on Monsanto/DOW and their genetically modified seeds and animals and to tell you the truth it is quite scary. It is important to feed our bodies and souls with the proper nutrition, just as mother nature intended it. For a company to strip me of my most basic human right, a right that God mandated for me as his daughter, is like looking the devil right in the eye and seeing his innermost desires. It is scary and hard to swallow, but like you mentioned in the paragraph above, “…should awaken your senses to the reality that you must change your life, so you can either change the organization from within (which is usually futile and not energy efficient) or you can change your life situation for the better..”, I also believe living your life as best as you can live it is the greatest change you can make. Just curious if you have done any further research on GMOs and your take on eating organic foods.

    @ Courtney, Letting go and having faith that God/the universe will be in control is the hardest challenge to date for me. It is a process and I must have faith and love to get through it. Baby steps or else I can go crazy thinking about the path the world is taking. So Courtney I understand you, right there with you!!!

  3. 1weaver says:

    always good to visit here…thanks for the source materials – and great commentary here, too. all the best to yulissa, courtney and the treez team

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