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Magenetize Your Water for Greater Life Force

Did you know that water naturally carries Chi or life force energy within it. It is the one thing all life forms need with out exception all forms of life in every life kingdom. Every spiritual tradition emphasizes waters ability to heal and purify on all levels. There are even sacred waters around the world like the Ganges river in India that have been known for its special healing powers. But because of the recent bottling and redistributing water, the water becomes stagnant in the bottle and loses its life force and the ability to actually hydrate you. The more life force the less water you need to drink to feel hydrated.

But with breakthrough research in water dynamics people like Dr. Muk Shi John have discovered ways to magnetize the water to give it more life force. Watch this video to see step by step how you recreate the best water in the planet.

“Energized Water: Much more than filtered water, activated water is pristine, naturally ionized, slightly alkaline, and rich in oxygen and minerals. Activated water feeds important nutrients into our bodies while simultaneously ridding us of waste and toxins. Activated water also revitalizes on a cellular level and uncovers new sources of emotional and spiritual energy.

A new science of water purification is emerging, allowing us to fully understand the significance of the quality of water we drink as well as the quantity. Quality water directly affects your quality of life. “Aging is a loss of Hexagonal (Living) Water from organs, tissues, and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water.” Dr. Mu Shik John, from his landmark book, “The Water Puzzle And The Hexagonal Key” ~~~ FROM THE

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Curing Cancer with Your Mind and Heart!!!

This video shows how a hospital in China has managed to cure people’s cancer with the mind.

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Part 2 of the TREEZ OF KNOWLEDGE Health Series “The Deadliest Ingredients in Foods”

Legalize Me – Shaman Treez

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Deadly Ingredients in Food Pt. 1 (Health Series)

This is part 1 of Most Dangerous Ingredients in Food part of my overall Health series.

With propylene glycol, TBHQ and other petro chemicals being introduced into childrens foods I was compelled to educate people on the truth behind these dangerous toxic synthetic chemical substances. Watch the video and all other parts
Legalize Me – Shaman Treez

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This Man Cured AIDS!!! And tells you how he did it!!!

Dr. Sebi is a world renown underground healer who has cured many people from diseases thought incurable. He is also the doctor of the late Left Eye from the R n B group T.L.C. Through his methods he has reversed … Continue reading

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