My Vow of Silence – Day 3

I recently took a vow of silence which started the night of May 5th (not for religious reasons)  and mind you in the midst of running my company, being an artist, and working at a job but I realized there is no “right time” to do this you just have to do it and adapt everything else around it or else you will never find the right time to do something like this. So I just wanted to share what my experience has been so far but before I go into my experience let me preface it by saying this: This universe was created through the word and the vibrations emanating from the word. Words are magnets that attract and create forms in the physical realm and in fact most thoughts are in the form of words. Your words in a verbal sense are only as powerful as your throat chakra is and to have a powerful throat chakra is to have power behind your words to influence people and your external reality. Too often we speak just to speak, talking which amounts to blah with no significance what so ever, out of our own attempt to escape the truth that we are seeking ATTENTION on a subconscious level because we don’t pay ATTENTION to our spirit and center ourselves… its like listen to me me me cause i have so much superficial shit to tell you…. sometimes we all need to shut the fuck up and bask in the inner silence so we have an opportunity to listen to that voice inside, the voice of truth, the voice of your true self but the urge to talk just to talk is strong because its a great way to distract yourself from yourself…. We blab without even comprehending that we are recklessly wielding the most powerful thing in the world the word… 

Now with that being said I started my vow of silence to not only be observant of my thoughts and words but also to recharge my throat chakra. I just finished my third day and I have learned so much in such little time. I’ve gotten mixed responses from family and co-workers on this vow of silence (carry a notepad if you plan on doing this) ranging from “thats weird” to “wow that is very inspirational”. If you are to take a vow of silence be prepared to deal with cynicism and praise and even ridicule. I dont give two fucks what another aspect of myself thinks about myself lol so I was consciously prepared for any criticism but on the other hand seeing the positive impact my vow has made on people has made this a very rewarding choice and in no way was this my intention but a great consolation. 

As far as what I learned…. I realized any impulse to speak was an unconscious urge to open my mouth, a moment of spiritual sleep, so when I did have an impulse to open my mouth and I checked myself on that it was a moment of awakening out of my unconsciousness. What I mean by unconsciousness is a spiritual term of being in a state where you are unconsciously run by mental patterns and impulses versus being in control of the mind or rising above the mind which is awakening to your true self which is not the mind but the awareness that entertains the contents of the mind. So this is a great practice I recommend to everyone who is wanting to increase awareness of self and to speed up awakening. Another thing I learned is that we waste so much energy speaking and talking because in not having to talk I have noticed I am actually conserving energy and really alot of energy which has been very revitalizing. Lastly I did slip today (moment of unconsciousness) at work but will be making it up by adding a day to the seven as acknowledgement for the slip. On top of that after making an announcement of my vow of silence I feel that if I did say just one word it would shock people which in my eyes is very powerful compared to the fact that I could talk all day before the vow and noone would really care. Lastly many cultures have practiced vows of silence like native american traditions which is of no coincidence. They knew the healing and profound impact a vow of silence makes on the person and spirit. Even though I have been silent all day you would not believe how many people stopped and started a conversation with me, vented to me, opened their closets to me, told me what was troubling them and keep in mind I was silent the whole time which made me realize we all just want to be heard. I did sometimes briefly  communicate back with advise or words of encouragement to people on my small notepad but I saw how my succinct bold responses made them even more profound and powerful by peoples responses. So sometimes when it comes to communication less is more. One love and wish me luck I still have 5 more days.

About Grandmaster Treez

I am a shaman and I am Hip Hop. Being a shaman I heal souls and help develop the senses and expand the consciousness through different artistic mediums. One can see me shapeshift into the form of MC, VJ, Filmmaker, Writer, Alkhemist, Healer, and much much more. In another perspective you might say I am a divine light housing a human body who has incarnated at this time to communicate eternal truths that will help people remember their divine ancestry and their light bodies. With my art I expand the consciousness and help awaken the sleepwalkers. With my words I cast spells that open the heart and heal the soul. With my visuals I leave the third eye dialated enhancing vision to see what was once invisible. Last but not least I am a rebel against that which goes against the spirit. A rebel against forces that constrict freedom and false authorities. A rebel that will die for the right to say and think as my soul pleases. A rebel that supports true justice and humanity. Legalize the herb. One love and one soul...
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One Response to My Vow of Silence – Day 3

  1. 1weaver says:

    fascinating. looking forward to hearing your further reflections.

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