The Biggest Block in Feeling The Shift: TIME

Right now cosmic energies are bombarding the planet and raising the frequency of physical matter and the consciousness of everything on the planet including us. These energies are assisting us in reaching higher levels of awareness, love, and wisdom. But for some of us even most of us these energies are being blocked from being assimilated in our experience because of the one thing that has been blocking us from full transcending illusions of the ego and that block is: Time. More specifically the relationship we have with time which has created many psychological complexes like regret and anxiety. Watch this video and see how time really is our biggest obstacle in feeling these divine cosmic energies that are here to help us evolve and elevate to a new level of experience.

About Grandmaster Treez

I am a shaman and I am Hip Hop. Being a shaman I heal souls and help develop the senses and expand the consciousness through different artistic mediums. One can see me shapeshift into the form of MC, VJ, Filmmaker, Writer, Alkhemist, Healer, and much much more. In another perspective you might say I am a divine light housing a human body who has incarnated at this time to communicate eternal truths that will help people remember their divine ancestry and their light bodies. With my art I expand the consciousness and help awaken the sleepwalkers. With my words I cast spells that open the heart and heal the soul. With my visuals I leave the third eye dialated enhancing vision to see what was once invisible. Last but not least I am a rebel against that which goes against the spirit. A rebel against forces that constrict freedom and false authorities. A rebel that will die for the right to say and think as my soul pleases. A rebel that supports true justice and humanity. Legalize the herb. One love and one soul...
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One Response to The Biggest Block in Feeling The Shift: TIME

  1. ncn says:

    thank you for your knowledge and share of time. I wish I’d seen it sooner, during the shift I was feeling down and depressed. Just things got to me man, feeling alone, and unaccomplished overall. I’m 21, but I feel like I could of achieved something i’m proud of by now.

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